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-       طراحی و تولید انواع تجهیزات اتوماسیون ساختمان شامل :

  • سیستمهای کنترل یکپارچه روشنایی و تاسیسات برقی
  • سیستمهای کنترل روشنایی هوشمند
  • تجهیزات کنترل تردد و مدیریت ورود و خروج
  • سیستمهای هوشمند کنترل و نگهداری ساختمان
  • سیستمهای کنترل یکپارچه اتاقهای هتل
  • تجهیزات نظارت و کنترل تحت شبکه

-      طراحی و اجرای پروژه های اتوماسیون خانگی و صنعتی مصارف خاص بر اساس نیاز پروژه

-      مشاوره، طراحی و اجرای انواع سیستمهای مدیریت ساختمان ( BMS )



About US

The National Protect (NP) brand was established in 2001 with the aim of localizing and manufacturing industrial automation systems to produce high-frequency controllers for controlling and monitoring production lines.
In 2001, following the success of receiving technical approvals, NP managed to produce the first full-fledged Iranian security system for residential complex apartments with a capacity of 50 apartment units. All the units that have been sold since 2001 are still proudly in service.
Later on, NP started an R&D process toward a new lineup of power consumption management systems to monitor, control, and minimize power consumption in both residential and commercial buildings to address major power shortage problems in the country.
3 years of R&D helped NP to release its first lighting control system at the International Building Industry Exhibition, Tehran, Iran. Great product/market fit and fully wireless, central, and automatic hardware helped NP to mass produce the first generation of this product which turned out to be a continued success for this company. As of today NP offers more than 40 generic and 70 specialized Building Management System (BMS) products that offers a higher value compared to the import competitors.
With many years of successful experience in the design, manufacturing, and implementation of high quality BMS products, NP is striving to promote the green culture of energy savings by providing modern and smart building automation solutions.

NP is specialized in the following areas:

  • Integrated control systems for lighting and electrical equipmentSmart lighting control systems
  • Equipment for traffic control and management of people and vehicles entry and exit
  • Intelligent systems for building maintenance
  • Integrated controls for hotel rooms
  • IOT and internet enabled control equipment
  • Custom-Design and implementation of domestic and industrial automation projects
  • Consulting, designing, and implementing a variety of BMS




The latest news in our journey is a recent collaboration with a Canadian start-up company called UCTUPUS to design and develop the most economical and effective residential multi-zone system for North American market. A sophisticated and innovative hardware is being mated to a state-of-the-art control algorithm to produce a cutting edge technology to bring your climate control to a world class quality. The end product will be around 10 times cheaper than comparable technologies offering an integrated and maintenance free design that has never been offered by any competitors.

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